How To Pose For Your Wedding Photographs

Strike A Pose and Find Out How To Pose For Your Wedding Photographs

Tips on how to pose for your wedding photographs

As the big day draws near, you’ve probably got 100 things to think about – but if you’ve booked your wedding photographer, well, that’s the photos sorted.  Or is it?  Don’t forget, your photographer is one half of a two-part equation: him behind the camera and you in front.  And this means that you should probably be giving your photographs a little bit of advance consideration.  For example, have you decided yet on how you are going to pose?


Wedding poses that work

Your wedding photos are without a doubt the most important series of photos you’ll pose for in your life.  If you have a good photographer, he or she will be looking for ways in which your pictures can reflect your characters as a couple.  Even when it comes to formal portraits, if you look too stiff and posed the photos won’t give a sense of who you are, how much you love each other and the sheer joy of your celebration.  Over the course of the day, plenty of photos will be taken, so as well as the straightforward couple shot, make some time for trying out some other poses, too.  These could end up being the most touching or special pictures of the day.


  • The formal picture – this is a must for your granny’s mantel piece.  Make sure your bodies are virtually touching and think about what to do with your hands – holding each other’s is best.
  • Standing forehead to forehead – choose a secret garden or a quiet corner for this intimate study.  It’s one of the most romantic poses and can be full-length or close cropped for different effects.
  • A casual glance – stand next to each other holding hands, with bodies angled away from each other and then glance back at your partner.  This can look sweet and casual – it’s a great way to catch that special smile.
  • The kiss – no set of wedding photos is complete without a picture of the bride and groom kissing.  Traditionally, this is one for the steps of the church but really you can do it anywhere – it looks especially romantic on the beach or beside some water.  Make sure your bodies are close together with no gaps.
  • Looking into the distance – this works particularly for outdoor photos with beautiful landscapes.  Either both of you can stare out at the horizon or one of you looks to the distance as the other gazes at you or kisses your cheek.
  • Head on shoulder – at the end of the day you’ll be tired but happy and nothing sums this up more than a picture of the couple sitting together with the bride resting her head on the groom’s shoulder.
  • The dramatic kiss – sweep the bride up into your arms with her feet off the ground or bend her backwards in a plunging dip – then capture the moment of passion.
  • The loveseat – sitting together with the groom’s arm around the bride or holding hands is a classic portrait – but check whether a sitting pose will work for your dress first.

Wedding Photographers UK

These are just a few suggestions and there are plenty of other interesting poses to choose from – flick through some bridal magazines for inspiration.  Then take a bit of time to look round your wedding venue to get some ideas – look out for ornamental bridges, bowers and arches, ancient trees, staircases, ponds and fountains or other interesting locations, and the poses may suggest themselves.


But most important of all?  Try to look natural and relaxed rather than stiff and posed.


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